Coming up! Wordcamp Nederland 2022

by | Sep 9, 2022

WordCamp Nederland 2022

Next week, on Thursday 15th & Friday 16th of September 2022, WordCamp The Netherlands will take place. The two-day event will be located at a unique venue, an actual zoo! At the Safari Meeting Center in the beautiful Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. The Safari Meeting Center is a conference center with breathtaking views of the Safari savannah and the tropical rainforest of the Bush of Burgers’ Zoo. So we’ll find ourselves right between the animals.

WordCamp Nederland 2022: only a few tickets left

It has been years since the last WordCamp was organized in The Netherlands, so it will be a big one. With 500 visitors and more than 25 speakers. The very last tickets are now available. So if you’d like to come, go and get your ticket.

Nonetheless, it will be an informal, friendly event for everyone who works with WordPress. From hobby blogger to developer and from self-employed to agency; Everybody is welcome. The main goal is to share ideas and create connections. A lot of people in the WordPress community will be there, including your organizers of WP Meetup Amsterdam.

Also for non Dutch speakers

There’s also a fair amount of international guests expected from within and outside the country. Which means that although WordCamp Nederland is focussing on the Dutch WordPress community, they offer a diverse and interesting program for everyone. There will be at least one English speaker in most time slots, so there’s always a talk or workshop for non-Dutch speakers available to attend. Apart from that, the Dutch are excellent at English, so you socialize with anyone.

We hope to see you there! And if you can’t make it, we love to see you at our next WordPress Meetup on the 1st of November!

Worcamp Nederland website:


Burger's Zoo Arnhem | Foto:

Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem | Foto:


Safari Meeting Center | Foto:

Safari Meeting Center in Burgers’ Zoo | Foto:

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