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Our WordPress Meetups would not be here without the support from our sponsors. We are proud to present to you the Year-Round Sponsors of WordPress Meetup Amsterdam.

With their support we are able to finance our WP Meetups Talks, our New Years Drinks Meetup, our Summer Event and our marketing materials. We are very grateful these beautiful WordPress companies took the leap and put their trust in the team and our growing community.

Brand visibility

Get your brand in front of a dedicated and tech-savvy audience, enhancing recognition and awareness.

Corporate responsibility:

Highlight your dedication to supporting local communities and open-source initiatives.

Targeted engagement

Directly access a niche market of web developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers.

Local market penetration

Strengthen your presence in the Dutch market by engaging with local users and understanding regional dynamics.

Why sponsor WP Meetup Amsterdam

Why your company should be sponsor

As an organizer of WordPress Meetups in the Netherlands, we invite companies to become a sponsor. Sponsoring WordPress Meetups is a strategic move for companies looking to increase their visibility, engage with a targeted audience, and establish themselves as leaders in the tech community.

Yearly sponsoring package starts at € 1.000.