Recap: WP Meetup February 20th, Turning visitors into followers & WooCommerce Ask Me Anything

by | Mar 2, 2024

Tuesday, 20th February marked the first WP Meetup Amsterdam of 2024.

Beyond the click: turning visitors into followers.

Father Olaf and daughter Sharon Lederer from provided insights into how adding and optimizing the Call-To-Action (CTA) can significantly increase conversion rates. Through inspiring examples, they provided guidance on how to boost sign-ups for newsletters or whitepapers, for instance.
A tip from Olaf and Sharon: take a look at the email platform EmailOctopus. If you’re a user of platforms like Mailchimp, it might be worth exploring. Their presentation can be found here.


WooCommerce Blocks

The second talk was in the capable hands of the WooCommerce Development team. Topic: the new WooCommerce Blocks. While WooCommerce previously relied solely on shortcodes, more and more WooCommerce functionality is becoming available through blocks, including styling options. WooCommerce demonstrated what is possible today.

A highly substantive discussion ensued, yielding numerous valuable points for further development. Stay updated on the latest developments via the Slack channel 

Sponsors making this all possible

This WP Meetup Amsterdam wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our sponsors. Without them, there would be no venue, no attendees, no refreshments – in short, no WP Meetup Amsterdam. Hence, thanks to our sponsors:

  • Aiwos, experts in custom solutions with WordPress and GravityForms
  • Kinsta, the perfect home for WordPress sites
  • Weglot, the easiest way to translate a website
  • SiteGround, Hosting that helps you grow

Will you be joining us for the next Meetup?

Check out the upcoming Meetups here and register. See you soon! Check out our upcoming events.


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