Recap: WP Meetup Amsterdam November 2022

by | Nov 25, 2022

Stayokay Amsterdam Oost
On the 1st of November 2022 we had another WP Meetup at hostel and event location Stayokay at Timorplein in Amsterdam Oost. The event was again kindly sponsored by Kinsta and WeGlot and we proudly presented our two new season sponsors SiteGround and Aiwos.

This event was sponsored with ūüíô by Weglot, SiteGround, Aiwos, and Kinsta.

Organizer Jaap started the evening with an extended introduction in which he talked about diversity and how we sometimes struggle with it.

WordPress Talks


‚ú® Liesbeth Smit – Making Science Sexy

Our first speaker of the evening talked about a project she did for the European ‚ÄėThe GREEN/EFA‚Äô about the Digital Services Act. She did everything herself from concept and UX design, to graphic design and coding. Her graphic design leaned heavily on the Windows 95 look and feel. See the result at site van A future without manipulation.


‚ú® Erik van Beek – Aiwos

After a short break we continued with Erik van Beek, one of the founders and marketing- and sales manager at Aiwos. He talked about how Aiwos explores and utilizes the possibilities of Gravity Forms and the commercial and non-commercial add-ons of Gravity Forms. They developed of their own set of GF add ons, GravityWP, and showed us one of the cases Aiwos handled, a subsidy platform for the Dutch government, front and back end, with GF and add ons.
You’ll find his presentation here.


We, the organizers of the meetup, decided that from now on, we will donate the budget we have for speakers gifts, to DonateWC, the organization that aims to provide people with lesser financial means with funds to get to a WordCamp.

Next meetup 11th of January, new years drinks!

It was a fun and very informative evening. We thank everyone for coming and hope to all see you again at our next meetup on the 1st of November. Please let us now if you’ll attend on

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