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by | Apr 2, 2023

Stayokay Amsterdam Oost | Foto Taco Van Der Werf

At the 4th of April our sixth Meetup of this season scheduled. A very special edition about ChatGPT & WordPress and we’re very excited for it. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

This meetup is sponsored with πŸ’™ by Kinsta, Weglot, Aiwos and SiteGround.


Panel discussion

The setup for this meetup will be a little different than usual. Instead of talks, we will host a panel discussion. There will be 3 panel members from different fields within WordPress sharing their insights. Our host Jaap will give a short introduction on ChatGPT and posing the questions to the panel. There will also be room for the audience to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

The panel members are:

✨ Joost de Valk
Paul van Buuren
✨ Monique Dubbelman



19:00 Walk-in
19:15 Introduction
19:25 Panel discussion
20:10 Questions and final thoughts
20:20 Open Call
20.30 Drinks @ the bar

πŸ•™ We open at 19:00, introduction 19:15
Location: StayOkay Hostel Oost, Timorplein 21 Amsterdam


Visit 3 of our Meetups!

By visiting at least 3 of our meetups this season, your spot for our festive Summer Event on the 7th of July is secured. You can sign your name on the list at each meetup.

See you all at the 4th of April! πŸ”₯ Otherwise, check out our next meetups and we hope to see you soon.


Team WordPress Meetup Amsterdam
Jaap, Stephanie & Sabine

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