A new team, a new season, a new website!

by | Aug 31, 2022

WP Meetup Amsterdam website

Before summer we kicked off WP Meetup Amsterdam with a small WP borrel after 2,5 years of nothing. The ‘borrel’ was not only a good way to start things up again after covid, but also served as a trial for us as a new team.

A new WP Meetup team

Sabine and Stephanie had only just joined the team before all things shut down. And former team member Monique Dubbelman, our fire starter who brought WP Meetup back to Amsterdam a few years ago, had decided she needed to shift her focus and left as an active member of the team. In short, organizing the borrel was the first time we met as a brand new team: Jaap, Sabine and Stephanie.

After the borrel we decided to do things properly and started defining our goals, setting up a system we could easily work with and dividing our responsibilities. We planned our meetup dates for season 22/23, found a nice location, reached out to sponsors and are now a day away from our first WP Meetup with expert talks. Exciting times!

Website WP Meetup Amsterdam

Equally exciting is our other novelty: we launched our WP Meetup Amsterdam website! The one you are reading right now.

We hope this website will function as a central platform where we’ll list our events, spread our news, highlight sponsors, share presentation slides, provide our contact details,¬†and any other thing we would like to share with our community.

If you have any ideas to make this website better, want to become a sponsor or would like to write a guest blog that is interesting for the WordPress community, let us now and e-mail Stephanie.

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